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September 8, 2017

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September 1, 2017

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April 11, 2018



Bell’s palsy is a sudden weakness or paralysis of one side of the face. It is caused by inflammation or damage to the facial nerve. It is usually temporary – most people recover fully.


What is Bell’s palsy?

Bell’s palsy is a weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles that usually affects just one side of the face.

It is thought to be mainly caused by an infection with a virus.

The infection inflames or puts pressure on the nerve that controls your facial muscles. It can be mild, or it can be severe.

Most people recover without treatment in 3 to 9 months.


Bell’s palsy signs and symptoms

The main symptom is weakness or paralysis of one side of the face. It usually is at its worst within 2 to 3 days of starting. It can also cause:

  • drooping eyelid or difficulty closing one eye

  • difficulty smiling and making facial expressions

  • drooping of one side of the mouth