Wellbeing program

Wellbeing Program designed for long lasting chronic disease and include Professional Treatment and Preventive Care.


- We help you to find out the root of the problem.

- We provide the proper treatment include acupuncture, herb medicine, cupping, remedial massage, reflexology, physiotherapy and nutrition consultation. 

- We assist you to design preventive care include diet therapy, tea therapy, daily exercise, homecare products.



How this program help to prevent chronic disease


Assist digging up the root of your health problem with the combination of traditional examination and the constitution diagnostic instrument.  Do not only fix the symptoms, find the root cause instead. Book the consultation with our Chinese Medicine Doctor or Chiropractor. 

We can assist treating the following conditions:

Headache, Toothache, Neck and shoulder pain, Back pain;

Sinuses and Hay fever;

Vision improvement;

Spine disorders;

Arthritis and joint disorders;

Chronic Fatigue, Immune disorders;

Insomnia and Sleep disorders;

Facial paralysis, Stroke recovery;

Fertility and IVF support;

Irregular Period, Menstruate disorders and Menopause;

Stress and Depressions;


IBS, Constipation;





Professional treatment includes acupuncture, herb medicine,physiotherapy, cupping, remedial massage, reflexology, and nutrition consultation. 


Encourage our patient to take a healthy lifestyle as the best medicine, we assist in designing the most suitable preventive care include daily diet therapy, tea therapy, self-acupressure massage, and exercise. 

  • Fully Qualified Practitioner

  • Approved Provider For Private Health Insurance

  • Hicaps Available For Instant Rebate Claim

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