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Chinese Medicine Consultation normally start with your major concern and your medical history,  include inquiries about your life, such as sleeping patterns, digestion, emotional state, diet, and lifestyle. The unique Chinese Medicine diagnosis is your tongue and pulse examination.

Tongue examination is one of the diagnostic methods in Chinese Medicine treatment. It can present strong visual indicators of one person's overall health condition. It involves the inspection of tongue shape, tongue body colour, tongue coat surface, weight and colour, and tongue action. The normal tongue has a light red or pinkish body with a thin white coating. There are different tongue shapes, thin tongue, swollen, long, wide, large ..etc. In general, changes in tongue shape are thought to reflect chronic illness affecting the blood, bodily fluids, or qi.

In our clinic, the practitioners usually use both Western and Chinese Medicine methods to provide a clearer diagnosis to enhance the clinical effectiveness of treatment. Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine are different medical systems. With different approaches to diagnosis and treatment, both have their advantages and limitations. Western Medicine concerns aetiology and pathology such as X-ray, ultrasound, blood test, etc; while Chinese Medicine takes a broader view by classifying diseases into functional, constitutional and mental mixed disease, such as Liver Qi stagnation, Kidney Yin Deficiency, etc.

Due to differences in diagnostic approaches, Western Medicine can identify such as cancer, gastric ulcers, gall bladder stone, etc, diseases that Chinese Medicine cannot. Chinese Medicine can diagnose disease such as Spleen deficiency, Yin deficiency with hyperactive Yang, etc. all of which are undiagnosed with Western medicine methods.

Once we detect the nature of the body imbalance, we could suggest a treatment plan, foods, habits, exercises, and herbal medicines that may stop the disease process in its tracks, or slow it down.

Over thousands of years without lab test and machine examination, Chinese Medicine developed the unique methods of disease detection.

We can catch subtle manifestations earlier, and to reverse imbalances quickly instead of allowing them to worsen over months and years into the life-threatening disease that finally show up as a shocking sign on the Western Medical report.

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