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Helen Jiang

National Registered Acupuncturist / Herbalist 

MBBS(China), BTCM(Australia) Bachelor's Degree in Chinese Medicine.


Grown up in a traditional medicine family and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in TCM with distinction, Helen has a strong passion in restoring balance and promoting health via a nature and holistic approach.


Helen has over 20 years clinical experience since she obtained her first bachelor’s degree in clinical medicine in China and a postgraduate diploma in cardiac science from QUT.


Helen incorporates Traditional Chinese medicine treatments with western medical knowledge. She is skillful in acupuncture (including scalp acupuncture), herbal medicine, Gua Sha and Cupping.


Her treatments are personalized to fit your lifestyle and are always performed with gentle care. She has special interest and experience  in pain relief, sports injury, cysts, insomnia, stress relief, digestive disorders, women’s health, IVF support, chemotherapy support, stroke recovery and cardiovascular disease risk factors management etc. 

Fluent in English and Chinese。


中医本科毕业,拥有西医临床及澳洲心脏专科研究生背景,擅长结合西医诊断信息与中医多种诊疗手段调节身心平衡。擅长综合运用《灵枢》十二刺法, 耳针,腹针, 
内科疾病:免疫功能失调,反复感冒,失眠,心悸,面瘫,中风后遗症,其他心脑血管疾病;头痛,偏头痛; 亚健康, 癌症术后/化疗的支持调理; 肠胃炎, 肠激惹综合征; 

骨伤科疾病:腱鞘炎,肩周炎, 膝关节炎, 囊肿, 运动损伤;

妇科疾病:月经不调,痛经,乳腺小叶增生, 不孕不育,IVF支持,产后调理,更年期调理

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