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Acupressure Points for Facial

Acupressure Points for Facial

How to gain a healthy, smooth and flawless skin? Facial acupressure is an effective method.

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese art of applying pressure to specific points on your body. Facial acupressure takes advantage of pressing these points on the face, and therefore allowing additional blood and oxygen to flow to these areas. In facial acupressure, you compress key points on the skin’s surface with your fingers to stimulate your natural healing abilities. The facial acupressure improves the metabolism and the blood circulation in the skin; this tightens the areas that are being massaged and pressed, leaving you with a relaxed, youthful look.

Get Rid of Crows Feet

When you smile, you’ll see small lines going from the corners of your eyes out toward your temple. When you stop smiling, if the lines stay, those are crows feet.

Although it is difficult to stop wrinkles from happening, you can work on tightening the face and reducing their appearance. Press the SI Zhu Kong point, which will safely heal and repair the skin around your eyes and get rid of the crows feet. And the Si-Zhu-Kong point is thought to be a point where acupressure can be performed to help headaches, redness, eye pain and blurred vision.


First, you should find the Si-Zhu-Kong Point. The Si-Zhu-Kong Point is located in the hollow area at the outside part of the eye brow.

Place your index finger or middle finger and massage Si-Zhu-Kong Point by pressing slightly every morning or night after facial cleansing.

The procedure may last for at least 60 seconds each time.

Get Rid of the Black Circles

Prevent Slack Facial Muscles

While exercising your facial muscles can undo some of the effects of aging, getting into the habit of regular facial exercises such as acupressure massage can help you prevent slack facial muscles before they even occur. However, you can complete a whole facial workout by pressing the Di-Cang Point in an easy and effective way.

【Steps】The Di-Cang Point is located in the area outside the corner of mouth, right below the pupil.

Use your middle finger to press the Di-Cang Point slightly with eye cream after facial cleansing every morning or night.

The procedure may last to 2-3 minutes.

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